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Host Family

With Joy International Exchange Students, Inc


We try our best to make our students feel welcomed and safe. We have connection to many local host families who house our exchange students. All our host families are chosen with care to make sure that our students get comfortable in being accustomed to American culture and new school life. Host families will provide host report monthly to follow up and review student's progress. We help and support our host families in all respects.

What We expect in our host families are someone who:

  • is understanding and caring to students

  • has a positive and open mind in accepting new cultures

  • not only provides a room in their house, but also has a positive mind in accepting students as one of his/her family member

  • can provide private room per student

  • can provide two meals during school days and three meals during weekends and holidays

  • can provide a safe ride to any extracurricular or JIES activities

  • can provide a ride to school if school bus isn't available

  • provide internet service for school works

  • speaks English fluently

  • has clean background (background check will be required)

  • can handle school concerns on behalf of student's parents

Host Experiences

We have been blessed to enjoy our International Student, Jinyoung Kim AKA "Devon" from South Korea! Devon has been with us for about 10 weeks and he is such a delight! Our family is full of children and activity and Devon fits in quite nicely as the perfect "older brother." Devon has a sweet, respectful personality! He engages with us at meals and during family-time. Devon never brings a phone to the dinner table and waits till we have dismissed our family from dinner-time before leaving the table. He does his homework and school projects without prodding. Devon also enjoys soccer and we have been very proud to cheer him on to many team victories as his host family. 

Most recently, Devon told me he would like to visit Washington, DC with us. We were able to get a tour of the Capitol and we even visited the South Korean Embassy! For Christmas, Devon will join us for a trip to Colorado to enjoy the sights and do a little skiing!! He has become a part of our family and we will treasure these memories forever. We have hosted previous students over the years and we find Devon to be a superb fit for our family!


Hosting is a great honor. I love being a host parent; I love the interaction with the students and their personalities. It is heartwarming to see them grow and succeed.

We have hosted about 20 students. Some short term and some for multiple school years, each student being very different. We enjoy getting to know each student, interacting (cooking, dinner time, playing family games), building relationship (making them part of our family), encouraging (telling them they are doing a great job), loving them as if they where our own child, nurturing and guidance, and watching them mature into young adults.

Know that no matter what culture we come from we love our kids the same.


I am going to give you my experience of being a host mom. This is my third year hosting a student. At first, I was a little nervous, but I will tell you that after I got used to hosting it has been a wonderful and rewarding experience.
The students have taught me a lot about their different cultures. Also, they have introduced me to the different foods of their country. Sometimes they even cook.
Recently I had an injury which has left me unable to do some everyday things. Both my students have been very helpful. I would highly recommend trying to host a student. They but a smile on my face every day!


Our family decided to host four years ago. We have seen two students graduate and move onto college. When a student arrives it can be scary for them since many of our daily activities are done differently then at home. It is a rewarding experience to help a student grow in both confidence and academics. Learning new games, customs and foods has been fun for our family! This year we are hosting a 9th grade boy who is well mannered and becoming a part of our family. Joy Education is a very positive and caring agency in which we highly recommend.

The Montgomery's

When my husband and I began thinking and talking about our interest in becoming international student host parents, we both agreed that the agency we choose would be an important factor. As we did some research and asked around to others who were also involved with host parenting, we decided to try Joy Education.

We were very impressed with Joy Education because of their commitment to the children and young people whom they have been entrusted with. Joy Education works with the host parent while supporting and encouraging both the students and the host parents. We are enjoying our new relationships we have developed as a result of working with Joy Education, along with the exposure to a new culture. Our young girls are also enjoying learning from our host students and trying the different foods from their culture. Joy Education has been very helpful in times of transportation needs and their willingness to support the host parent if or when a time for when support and reinforcement is needed as a result of a student’s behaviors/habits or educational concerns. With Joy Education there is a real passion for the student and their success and their well-being. They encourage the student to become involved and to make friends and to develop good study habits.

We are very happy with our experience with Joy Education! Lord willing we would like to continue for years to come.

Daniel and Justina McIntyre

I have been with Joy education for nearly a decade since my daughter brought a friend home fromschool and asked if she could spend the summer with us. Representatives from Joy Education camearound to see if that was a possibility. Since then, it has been a ministry and a blessing to be a hostparent. I have confidence in working with Joy Education that they work hard for the benefit of thestudents. Question and problems have been addressed when needed. Support and help has beenprovided for the students as well as myself. It has been a broadening and educational experience for myfamily and myself as well and I have appreciated working with Joy Education.

Kathryn Oestreich

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If you are interested in becoming our host family, please contact us at or leave us a message below!

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