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Our people

Dear Agents, Parents and Students,

Young adults from all over the world have become part of Joy International Exchange Students to succeed in private schools, be a part of American family in the United States and fully experience a true American culture.

These students attend private schools along with their peers and JIES help them to get along and participate in after school programs and activities including athletics, music, art and community services and volunteers. In addition, JIES develop programs that can support our students with English education in order to break the barriers of language, race, and culture and acknowledge the value of every language, race, and culture. Through these experiences, we wish our students to not only succeed for their own interest, but to also become a young diplomats and leaders who represent their own culture and country.

To encourage them, we select few of our students for scholarship and cultivate them as leaders of the world. They will set examples and encourage other students to achieve and strive for their dreams.

The JIES foundation is a professional foundation dedicated to guiding young adults to the best of their ability.

Thank you.



President of JIES,                

Joy Son                 


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